Greatest Doctor I have ever seen

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| March, 14 2020 | for Mary Jane Dylla, MD

Doctor Dylla is the greatest doctor! I did not think anyone could top my prior doctor. She can handle the most difficult patients.

If I never need to see her, she is always available. I took a fall at work and twisted my ankle. It was after hour and a weekend. I emailed her and told her what happened. She responded right away. Assured me what I had done was the right thing and arranged an xray just to be sure nothing was broken. I look forward every year to my wellness exam to see how I am doing overall. Everyone in the office is the most professional and personable. They know who you are when you arrive and I rarely have to wait at all. They value your time.

Because of Doctor Dylla and her staff I look forward to many more year with her practice and a long, healthy and active life!